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What can we offer you?

Research Papers

Our founder is a trained academic. His consulting work started with research consultations - those from fields outside of statistics that needed a statistician to assist with their research publications. He has helped with various stages of data analysis, ranging from survey construction to statistical inference.

Actionable Business Insight

Our founder was the former Lead Data Scientist at New York Engineers prior to starting his Ph.D. in Statistics. His specialty lay in identifying areas of the business that could be improved using analytics, and integrating these analytical solutions within the business model to produce actionable results. Paired with an Ivy-league degree in how to use analytics within a business to produce effective change, he offers the unique ability to look at an analytical problem from the business' point of view with a Statistician's skillset.  

Prescriptive Analytics

In the last decade or so, we have seen a shift in many business sectors from descriptive to prescriptive analytics (living in the age of "big data"). What exactly is this, though? Beyond just large Excel files, it implies the analysis of various types of data (text data, image data, etc.). One aspect that "big data" allows for is real-time, prescriptive analytics. One specialty of ours is providing this real-time analysis in the form of an automatically updating dashboard. 


Menger Analytics started very naturally during our founder's doctoral studies. Gradually throughout his time as a Ph.D. candidate, he continued to develop a client base. Over time, his list of contacts grew enough to support starting his own venture. Since 2018, Austin has been working with collaborators in various industries ranging from colorectal surgery, to political science, and most recently venturing into the analysis of cryptocurrency. He is a fully-trained, seasoned statistician with a knack for explaining complex mathematical concepts in ways that anyone can understand. He also will occasionally serve as an Adjunct Professor at Connecticut College, and has recently begun holding summer seminars in the foundations of statistics for high school students. 


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 Austin Menger

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